Research on three components!!!


What is it?

A buzzer is a device that makes a buzzing noise when it is being used. A buzzer can not be used without power, it is useful for alerting people when dangerous materials are in use, or in 7G’s case just to annoy the heck out of anyone surrounding you.

LED’s (light emitting diode):

What are they?

LED’s are lights that can come in assorted colours and sizes. When in use LED’s light up, they are used in flashlights and many more other types of lights. In my last project (nerve tester, see last 3 posts) I used 2 red LED lights, the are useful for warning people and many more useful technique’s.

LDR (light dependent resistor):

What is it?

LDR’S  are used everywhere, they are streetlamps, nightlights etc. LDR’s are practical household devices, they are used to guide, prepare and much more. LDR’s work when it becomes dark to resist the dark. So just as the sun goes down or the light in a bedroom is turned off, LDR’s turn on.

Nerve Tester Evaluation

Did I make a nerve tester that works?

Yes, the lights and the buzzer both work when I touch the wire with the handle.

Does it look presentable?

In my opinion my nerve tester  has it’s own characteristics. It is a snow white rabbit surrounded by purple, orange and yellow stars. It has red LED lights as eyes and is hiding among green bushes with orange fruit. The back of the nerve tester is neat and tidy , there are only a few bare wires and messy soldering.

What do I think of my nerve tester?

I like it, mainly because I made it as a memorabilia for my dead rabbit Snowy.Snowy








Overall Inteligence Test!!!

oh-oh I’m no good at this sort of stuff!!!

Here are my results though

Highest: Music

Lowest: Logic

I was sort of expecting this sort of score. I play the tenor saxophone and recorder so i thought my music score would be high. 🙂

I’m not the sort of person who jumps into a jigsaww puzzle or knows everything about harry potter so my logic wass low. 🙁

Google Searching Tips!!!

Have u eva searched urself up on google or google images?

It is fun 2 C what u look like to the world when they search ur name.

Some google searching tips are so easy and simple!!


Search what u need 2 search using the least amount of words you can


Try and search things that aren’t that silly and unheard of try and search something that u need 2 know

Have fun usin these tips to find more search:

google searching tips in google!!!